• Carlos Solorio

New York's Stuyvesant High School and the American Myth of Meritocracy

03.22.2019 -- The recent college admissions scandal has helped resurface a gratifying bit of trivia—the fact that the term "meritocracy" was originally intended to be used satirically. The word made its debut with the publication of sociologist Michael Dunlop Young’s 1958 dystopian work The Rise of The Meritocracy, a critique of a British education system that purported to offer the chance for academic and professional advancement to the best and brightest, but that instead ended up mirroring the centuries-old aristocratic order. The word is a portmanteau of “merit” and “aristocracy,” and mocks the ways in which systems that pledge to elevate the deserving instead serve to replicate existing social divides...[Read more].

Source: Esquire.com

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