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Liz C.

Glendale, California

As a mother of twins, I knew I needed help.  My two boys were motivated to get into strong schools, but they were also quite independent and not necessarily always on top of deadlines.

Carlos was patient, focused and also persistent.  He pushed, but not too much - just enough.  He and Marina were a big help with selecting schools that fit them and working with them through the application process.  The application and essay workshops were enormously helpful and were an opportunity for them to focus and also receive guidance.

They were not the easiest students with whom to work.  Carlos cajoled, encouraged, pushed and held them accountable when necessary.  He helped get them into excellent schools.  With his assistance, they got into better schools than they otherwise would have.

I am grateful to Carlos for his expertise and assistance.  He listened to the boys and to me and we achieved the results we wanted. I would highly recommend investing in MyNT.

Rachelle L.

Arcadia, California

As someone who has never worked with a tutor or outside counselor, I definitely wasn't expecting to seek help from MyNT education; however, due to certain circumstances that greatly constricted my schedule, I knew that I would need help if I were to pass through the college application season successfully.  I started working with Carlos and his team much later in the application process compared to other students but despite this Carlos got to work right away and helped me make informed and precise decisions regarding my major and school selections.  He is efficient with his work and what I appreciated the most about working with Carlos was his commitment to originality and staying true to character.  Carlos would always push me to work and would always keep me on task without actually taking things into his own hands.  I think a large criticism that inevitably surfaces when discussing working with independent counselors is that it is not the student's work that got them into college; however, working with Carlos I felt that I was in control of my college application process every step of the way.  He is everything that a counselor should be, motivational and encouraging without being pushy or overbearing.  I would highly recommend working with Carlos and his team at MyNT, they really take students and simply uncover their true potential.

Bronte M.

Beverly Hills, California

I was referred to MyNT by one of my good friends when I was frantically trying to navigate the college admissions process by myself. Carlos and his team definitely know their stuff and make the process much more manageable for students and their families. Their guidance throughout the admission process was invaluable. Everyone at MyNT wants to see students succeed and this attitude is reflected in their work ethic and commitment to each and every student. No matter what step of the college admissions process you may be at, MyNT will definitely be of help. Through the help and guidance of the people at MyNT, I was able to get into my dream school. I would highly recommend working with them and making this sometimes stressful process a lot easier.

Brady Y.

Diamond Bar, California

​Personally, I am extremely thankful for having MyNT help me with my college application process. I started working with Carlos back when I was a junior, and I don't regret it one bit. When it came to college apps, I absolutely had no idea where to start: how to apply to schools, how to submit applications, and so forth. The whole process was intimidating at first. However, working with Carlos was a real blessing. He provided the guidance that allowed me to successfully and efficiently complete the college apps, minimizing my stress greatly during my senior year of high school. Truthfully, Carlos not only guided me with the college application process, but he also made me grow as an individual and helped me dig deeper into myself and find out who I am as a student. Carlos is great at managing time and getting things accomplished before deadlines approach. Carlos has great experience with the college application process, and for all those students who need some guidance, I would definitely recommend getting Carlos as your counselor. My friends who also had Carlos as a counselor along with myself found great success in our college apps. You can't go wrong working with MyNT.

Sonya K.

Glendale, California

Carlos was amazing to work with! He kept me on task, he respected my decisions, and he guided me in the right direction. I definitely would not have gotten into Harvard without him!

Claudia B.

San Dimas, California

MyNT Education was extremely helpful in finding the right college for my son. Carlos has an abundance of knowledge of the application process and what colleges are looking for. He helped my son narrow down his list of colleges. Carlos created a timeline and divided the workload into doable segments so that the overall process was not overwhelming.  He has great insight when it comes to the essay portion of the application. My son was accepted into several colleges and decided to attend Vassar College. I highly recommend Carlos.

Diana S.

Los Angeles, California

Carlos is amazing.  Both of our kids worked with him.  My son would not have ended up at Stanford if it hadn't been for Carlos.  He helped him aim high.  He got into every single school he applied to, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Wharton, UC Berkeley, and UCSD.  My son is now a Junior at Stanford.  Carlos knows the admissions process - he guides the students through it and helps to "package" them so that their applications stand out.  I have referred numerous families to him and they have all been happy and successful.  He worked with my daughter this year.  She will be attending UCLA this coming fall.  She had tons of great options.  He works well with all different personalities.  He keeps them on track and is responsive to all their needs.  He pushes them to work hard and push along the process in full gear.  He is helpful and knowledgeable.  We love Carlos!  It's a bummer that he doesn't travel to the Westside, but the trip to Pasadena is worthwhile, and if not, there is always Skype and phone and those worked well for my daughter.  We are truly grateful for all his help and will continue to send referrals his way.  We interviewed 3 other college counselors - none had it all like he does - not even close.  Thank you Carlos!!

Chi H.

Los Angeles, California

Simply said, Marina is AWESOME! On time, reliable, knows her stuff! She's straight forward, tell it like it is. She adapts greatly to each child's individual needs. She paces well with the student and will challenge to greater limits. 

My two kids have worked with Marina for over 4 years. Their success is all due to Marina's tutoring and guidance! 

My highest compliment to her is that I would gladly refer her to anyone and anytime! Office location is convenient. Price very reasonable. And she also travels to your location for private tutoring .

Keep calm and call MyNT Education! Your child deserves the very BEST!!

Jason W.

San Marino, California

My time working with MyNT was definitely a fruitful one.  Carlos and his team know the college admissions process inside and out, and will guide all of their students through the correct procedures to help students find the colleges that are the best fit for them.  If it wasn't for Carlos and the few years that I worked with him, there's no telling where I would've ended up for college.  He is extremely organized with scheduling meetings and deadlines for all of his students, and will always check up on them to make sure they're on track and keeping up with their work.  I can definitely say that I recommend MyNT over any other college counseling company out there based on the experiences that my family has had with my older brother.  If you're looking for a reliable team to help with college apps, MyNT is the way to go!

Also, don't wait until junior year to contact Carlos and his team.  The earlier they work with you, the better they understand you.  That can definitely help and go a long way in their process in finding the right college for you.

Mary S.

Beverly Hills, California

Harvard and Princeton acceptances, among many others, were the result of my son's work with Carlos. We were very happy with his advice and organization.  The college application era was surprisingly not stressful despite the fact of the extra work.  Our only regret is that Carlos can no longer come to the Westside, but we are willing to consult via Skype for my second son. I will let you know how that goes!  We are very optimistic.

Yue C.

Arcadia, California

Carlos is a responsible and professional instructor to my daughter, and his experience helped us to focus on real critical issues during the process of college application, which saved us a lot of time. We really appreciate his help and efforts.

JM, M.

Culver City, California

My wife and I are indebted to MyNT education  for their caring  and  professional services. Mr. Solorio and his staff take a "whole child"  approach when working with his clients. They are attuned to their social -emotional and academic needs. We were very impressed  by his ability to differentiate his demands based on our son's emotional and academic  mindset.  He kept him on task and all of his college deadlines were met on time.  Our son is now a thriving college freshman and we feel this is a direct result of MyNT education's services.  We are so happy because  our son was able to find that "perfect college".

Ruben Q.

Los Angeles, California

We were referred to MyNT by a former parent and a friend who had used MyNT to successfully assist her 2 college bound kids enter strong Universities. Carlos started working with my son in early Spring Junior year. He took the time to meet with the family and my son early on and get to know us and my son.  I was impressed from the beginning. He is easy to talk to, very personable and serious without being stuffy or militant.  He created an environment that made my son feel comfortable and provided him an outline to follow for the remainder of the Spring and Summer.  He gave him datelines and made suggestions on summer programs, events and courses to take to prepare for the Senior year application process.  

Once Senior year, started, Carlos was supportive but persistent, pushing my son to meet all deadlines and to seriously consider his goals and which schools to apply.  He used his experience to help us understand what to focus for different schools and consistently reviewed my son's essay until it was strong, personal and really reflected my son and his aspirations.  

Carlos always followed through.  He pushed just right, being supportive and demanding when needed.  However, he always made it clear to keep the responsibility of the application process on my son.  He made our role as parents much easier.  When we asked to meet with him as a family, he was supportive and listened to our concerns.  Ultimately, he made my son's college application process more organized, more focused, stronger and my son succeeded in being accepted at Harvard.  I know that when my daughter becomes a Junior, I look forward to having Carlos and his team at MyNT help our family make the college journey easier again for both daughter and parents.  The investment on MyNT is definitely worth it.

Camille T.

Newport Beach, California

Let me start by saying I have worked with both Carlos and Marina for years. 
I worked with Carlos during high school for college prep. He definitely knows his stuff! He motivated me to join various groups and take on activities that would better serve me in the college application process. Even though he knows what colleges want to hear, he always encouraged me to participate in/write about the things I enjoyed. Because of this, I believe my personality shined through my applications. He helped with the many college essays and was very thorough in his work. Although I was never a straight A student, nor did I take any AP classes in high school, I was still accepted to all 12 universities across the US that I had applied to.

Marina tutored me in any and all subjects from grade school through college. By the time I had to start thinking about college, she helped me with ACT prep. Under her guidance, I went from a starting score of 18 on a practice test to a score of 30 on the real exam. Although her specialty is in mathematics, she is strong in all other subjects as well. She is very warm and patient with her students--I needed that patience especially.

Carlos and his team are great. They give each student the tools and, most importantly, the personalized attention they need to succeed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.


Pasadena, California

We are very pleased with all that Mynt Education has to offer us.  My daughters have worked with Marina for many many years.  She has helped them with various subjects tutoring through their high school and college years.  She is very reliable, patient and knowledgeable.  Carlos helped Sofia with her college application process.  He kept her in track, focused and confident thought the process.  Sofia got into the school of her choice!!  I highly recommend Mynt College Counseling and Tutoring.

Chris M.

La Cañada Flintridge, California

Carlos and his team are fantastic. MyNT Education is experienced, thoughtful, and extremely reliable throughout all parts of the college app process! I'll be attending an Ivy League school in the fall and it is all thanks to my time with Carlos.

Monica S.

Pasadena, California

Our older daughter had such a positive experience working with Carlos and Marina.  Carlos has an amazing depth of knowledge when it comes to the college admissions process, and he provided our daughter with the guidance that she needed.  His ability to connect with her and provide the deadlines that she needed, helped make the application process painless.  Carlos also did a fantastic job helping her find summer volunteer opportunities and internships that were not only interesting to her, but helped her application become stronger and more unique. 

Marina was an important asset in helping our daughter raise her ACT scores.  She did a thorough job of assessing our daughter and providing the individual tutoring that she needed to raise her scores.  Our younger daughter is also working with Marina and she has also improved her ACT scores.  Carlos will also be working with our younger daughter with the application process.  His assistance is reassuring to us and we highly recommend MyNT to all who have high school children.  Also, do not wait until junior year to begin your work with Carlos.  The sooner you meet with him, the easier the process will be!

April B.

Beverly Hills, California

Carlos was the most amazing thing to happen to me and my family. He is there for you morning, afternoon, and night to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful. He understands the process of college admission better than anyone. Carlos knows what it takes to make each individual a successful applicant by focusing in on what makes them unique. We are all so happy with the schools we have gotten into and he is worth every penny we spent and more. His team is great at essay editing, he is extremely organized, and his goals are realistic. My only regret is not starting with him and his team sooner; start freshman year so that there is more time to make you a competitive applicant.

Rachael C.

Rowland Heights, California

Working with Carlos for my college apps, I definitely received constructive and helpful feedback for my essays as well as useful information about the entire application process overall. MYNT education is a great place to go for college counseling. From personal experience, Carlos pushed me to apply to more schools (privates) and introduced me to more schools that I didn't know of previously. He helped me manage my time wisely by spacing out the work throughout the fall semester, so I wasn't in a rush to finish them. Also, the one-on-one sessions are very effective and time efficient because he strives to get a lot of work done and wants to communicate with his students openly and directly. I definitely recommend coming to MYNT education!

Adam B.

Westlake Village, California

We worked with MyNT and primarily Carlos.  He really did a good job educating us on the college admissions process and what was needed for my son to present himself in the best light.  he also held regular meetings directly with my student, making sure he was aware of what needed to be done in a well run University selection process.  I felt we got very good advice and services.  It was very in depth and while it's not cheap, once you see how much time and attention you get and you consider just how much College costs, I think there was real value in this service.  I am glad we used Carlos.

Moira L.

Sierra Madre, California

Working with Carlos was definately a plus for our family. Our son has such an overwhelming schedule and they worked around him. He new how to direct and inspire, definately necessary. Our son got into many wonderful schools and we are very thankful for their expertise.

Katalina K.

Sierra Madre, California

We began using MyNT education when my daughter was a freshman at FSHA six years ago. Marina tutored her in maths and helped her excel in that field.  Marina remained a constant in our family. She came to the house every week and really helped our daughter understand maths. She is patient, creative, organized, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Always on time and considerate. She also helped our son with the ISEE testing. I would not hesitate to recommend Marina and MyNTEducation. It is the most reliable tutoring service out there. 

Christine S.

Pasadena, California

Over the course of three years, both of my sons have worked with Carlos and Marina for their college application process and used their tutoring services for college entrance exams.  I have very much appreciated their expertise in counseling and coaching us all.  They were caring, knowledgeable, and most of all honest with their professional opinions.  I would recommend them highly to anyone and certainly, could not have gone through this process without them.

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